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Mythos Creations is a small group of cosplayers from Oklahoma. They like cooking, fuzzy animals, shoes, and naptime. As a group, they’re dedicated to faithfully re-creating characters with an eye for detail (when they’re not baking ridiculous-looking cupcakes, walking their dogs, or playing copious amounts of Harvest Moon). Mythos is made up of Saya, Hikaruhime, and Tsukiko. They are Master Level costumers with 25 awards, including 9 Best in Shows. They’ve been featured in various publications and commercials. All of them have been involved in costuming, of some sort, for most of their lives, but they’ve been an active part of the convention scene since 2005. They love experimenting with new techniques and learning what does and doesn’t work for a costume. They’re always excited to attend a convention and share what they’ve learned with others. Mythos will be judging XPO’s cosplay contest! (Mythos Creations on Facebook)
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