Ryuu Lavitz - Cosplayer

Ryuu Lavitz – Cosplayer

Ryuu Lavitz is a 23 year old, New England based cosplayer, located around the Boston area in Massachusetts. She began going to conventions during her high school years and quickly fell in love with the community. Her first convention (and favorite), is Anime Boston, and she has attended AB for six years. Her hobbies include crafting, photography, sewing, sculpting, and prop building. She sells goods such as prints, posters, costumes, props and accessories, as well as streams video games as a form of entertainment on Twitch. She mostly stays in the New England area but also travels to guest at conventions and events when available. She greatly enjoys traveling to other new and exciting areas to meet people who love all the same nerdy goodness that she does. (@ryuulavitz)
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